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Strong Emphasis on the Intersection of Premium, Programmatic and Performance Solutions Across Screens

New York, NY – February 5, 2013 – AOL today announced that Group has officially been renamed AOL Networks. The new brand, AOL Networks, aligns with its parent brand AOL, and should help all stakeholders better understand the rich stack of assets and robust technology it brings together for its nearly 20,000 publishers1 and 4,000 advertiser and agency clients2. The new name clearly represents the recognized cross-screen offerings across premium, programmatic and performance advertising.

"AOL Networks will continue to offer global advertising solutions that help increase yield through a rich and broad set of platforms, formats, and technologies," said Ned Brody, CEO of AOL Networks. "We have heard from many clients that there is an increasing number of systems and partners they need to do business with to accomplish their online marketing objectives. The group's mission has always been to simplify digital advertising at scale." 

Brody added, "AOL is synonymous with premium. And in the network space, there is a real need for premium experiences. With our established leadership in video, performance and now programmatic, plus AOL's foothold in premium advertising, we are better positioned than ever to define and own a transcending solution."

AOL Networks enables the world's top marketers and media brands to reach consumers across desktop, mobile, tablet and connected TVs with impact through premium experiences, programmatic buying and performance driven campaigns. It is the global partner of choice for leading publishers, advertisers and agencies seeking to maximize the value of their online brands. AOL Networks brands will continue to operate under their existing names:

  • massive premium, cross-screen network with 596M3 global unique visitors, programmatic buying, a proprietary DSP, and network-exclusive access to AOL inventory.
  • The AOL On Network: largest premium video network4 reaching 67M5 unique viewers.
  • goviral: branded content distributor across premium publisher network in over 90 countries.
  • ADTECH: dominant cross-screen global ad management and serving platform.
  • Pictela: award-winning content-based advertising and premium formats platform.

"Given the synergies between our offerings and customers, and those of our AOL parent, it made the most sense to align the brands more closely together," said Allie Kline, CMO of AOL Networks. "I believe this rebrand will significantly increase market clarity among our key audiences including marketers and publishers."

The new gateway, launches today, providing publishers and marketers with information on, and access to, all of the offerings in the AOL Networks premium advertising suite.

Simultaneous to the introduction of AOL Networks, BuySight, the recently acquired dynamic creative optimization firm, will be packaged into the product suite.


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AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL) is a brand company, committed to continuously innovating, growing, and investing in brands and experiences that inform, entertain, and connect the world. The home of a world-class collection of premium brands, AOL creates original content that engages audiences on a local and global scale. We help marketers connect with these audiences through effective and engaging digital advertising solutions.

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Byline:  Marianne Gutshall, Director Product Management

When it comes to running a display advertising campaign, pacing and performance are the most important factors in the overall success or failure of a marketer’s campaign.  For those who have managed a display campaign through a DSP, you know how important the dashboard is for efficient campaign management - after all it’s the center of all management activity. With this thought in mind, there are four key factors every marketer should be aware of when it comes to sophisticated dashboards and the benefits: access to real-time data, pacing visuals, performance visuals and quick edit features.

#1 Real-time Widget to display delivery metrics from TODAY in real-time

It is essential to have real-time delivery data accessible to ensure that all campaign decisions are made with the most relevant and accurate information. After all, how can you quickly and efficiently make informed campaign decisions without accurate and timely data available at your fingertips?

#2 Pacing visual to compare between delivery and target (based on smooth delivery calculation)

Typically campaign pacing is relatively straight-forward. They’re either on or off target, pacing smoothly or over/under-delivering. However, there isn’t always enough time to check in on all of your campaigns as frequently as you’d like. So when managing a portfolio of campaigns and strategies, it’s essential have a quick and easy visual to illustrate how each campaign is pacing based on its budget, end date, and delivery.

#3 Performance visual customizable to view various metrics to cater to each campaign’s unique goal

Unlike pacing, performance isn’t always so cut and dry. In the end, performance means different things for different marketers, campaigns, and strategies. For that reason, has designed a flexible dashboard that can be customized to display the performance metrics that matter specifically to an individual campaign, whether the goal is eCPC, eCPA, or branding. Plus the addition of summary ‘trending’ charts can help identify overarching patterns or trends in a campaign’s performance. 

#4 Quick edit functionality to streamline updating campaigns, when desired:

If a change is necessary due to the campaign’s pacing or performance, it is also crucial to have quick and easy access to make the desired adjustment. So we thought, why shouldn’t that be included as part of the dashboard as well? This way you can quickly and easily make any desired changes.

All in all, does your dashboard meet the cut? The AdLearn Open Platform’s new dashboard suite is the first of many exciting innovations to come. Contact us for more information about the AdLearn Open Platform and its new dashboard features.

The AdLearn Open Platform (AOP) is’s real-time bidding technology platform for advertisers release into beta in March of 2012. AOP incorporates AdLearn,’s award winning ad management system, as the decisioning engine behind all campaigns.  AdLearn is a proven, mature and scalable ad management platform that has been delivering superior results for advertisers for over a decade.  AOP also offers clients a transparent view of campaign performance, diagnostics as well as post-campaign analytical insights.

Marianne Gutshall
Director, Product Management