Actionable Insights in Real-Time

AdLearn Open Platform’s intuitive UI lets you create, change, and analyze your campaigns efficiently and effectively. You can easily segment inventory down to the placement level, create predictive segments to find your best converters, and gain access to detailed and transparent real-time reporting for complete control.

Targeting and Modeling:

  • Predictive segments and advanced models
  • Site frequency targeting
  • Cell-level segmentation for highly-targeted placements
  • Geo & technographic targeting
  • Ability to whitelist & blacklist sites
  • Target/optimize towards eCPM, eCPC, eCPA, or static CPM

Campaign Management:

  • Fully-transparent reports
  • Access to RTB on all major exchanges
  • Set maximum CPM by campaign or by individual inventory source
  • Flexible frequency capping
  • Evenly allocate budget across flight dates or by daily spend levels


Dashboard Highlights

Summary Metrics
Interactive "Real-Time" Widget
Performance Chart
Pacing Chart
Campaign Quick Edits
Enhanced Data Grid
Grid Export