Leverage 60M+ AOL Addressable Household Data – And a Behavioral Audience of 140M+

Data is an important component of a robust ad management platform.  AdLearn Open Platform integrates with third party data providers, and provide access to proprietary AOL data segments for campaign targeting and post-campaign analytics.  

Strict privacy regulations are in place to prohibit the linking of PII (personally-identifiable information) to campaign and/or advertiser data by utilizing 3rd party data matching vendors and unique IDs in place of PII.   

Data Access:

  • Leverage multiple sources – including Publisher, Advertiser, third party and AOL & Huffington Post proprietary data
  • Bring your own data for more customizable targeting
  • Access to DSP data sources
  • Server-sync your own data for more customizable targeting/remarketing
  • Create custom predictive segments or look-alike audiences

Sample Data Partners

IRI Worldwide