Trillions Served.

AdLearn is the award-winning optimization engine behind for the past 15 years. Utilizing a sophisticated algorithm incorporating your campaign’s bid and real-time performance predictions, AdLearn determines allocation of campaign delivery across its vast reach of available inventory. This inventory is segmented to a granular "cell" level to let AdLearn refine its bidding and take advantage of niche placements that will generate the highest ROI given your campaign's objectives. In a nutshell, AdLearn is the industry-leading bid algorithm, driving access to inventory available via AdLearn Open Platform’s integrated marketplaces.

How Does AdLearn Work?

AdLearn is a performance and optimization tool with unparalleled reach and access to data. AdLearn uses the data available on impressions, creatives, campaigns, audiences and other factors to test, learn, predict and optimize to achieve the best possible performance within the constraints of each campaign. Additionally, AdLearn’s pacing algorithm uses data and feedback to counteract the dynamic nature of the marketplace by maximizing the smoothness of delivery based off of your targets. Use of AdLearn’s pacing algorithm is your best bet to achieving smooth performance.